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Breckland, Norfolk

In addition to practicing a bodywork therapy for the past 25 years, I have increasingly been focussing on ways to help people help themselves, through something I have come to call "Positive Body Awareness" (PBA).

All healing ultimately comes from inside - and no matter what technique is applied, it is the Body that heals itself through the release of its own innate self-healing capacities.

PBA is a way of dialoguing with the body that (amongst other things) helps to restore an embodied sense of safety, and that improves the capacity to connect to the healing potential embodied in your biology, and a few billion years of evolution.

The most obvious application is to help PTSD/trauma or chronic hyperarousal and dissociation. However, it is sometimes also possible to apply these techniques to help more physical issues. And (if you want to go in this direction) the embodiment process is one that can have profound effects on our connection to Nature and to the imaginal inner world of the Body-Mind.

One-to-One sessions are best carried out face-to-face, but that direct personal connection in a physical room is temporarily impossible as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown and restrictions.

However, it is still possible to work remotely through Skype or Zoom provided that we can see each other.

If you are interested on one-to-one online treatments, please contact me to arrange an appointment, or for specific inquiries.

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...I have ceased to question stars and books, and instead have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me...
(Herman Hesse)
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Under the present circumstances, I am providing free access to embodiment resources.

I am also happy to offer my services on a donation basis if you are in financial difficulty or are working in the healthcare sector - but this needs to be mutually agreed before beginning any treatment sessions.

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