Some ways of engaging with the senses and the emotions will help the body to be stronger and to heal itself, and will also encourage emotional stability.

However, other ways of engaging with the senses and the emotions can increase the likelihood of being traumatised, can result in untreatable pain for decades, and can prevent physical healing.

This is all largely invisible...  How we use our senses, how we think about ourselves, how we live in our body - are unmeasurable and often indescribable to other people.  

I run workshops for the general public, intended to guide you towards mental-emotional-physical habits based on the "natural" relationship between the brain and body.  When cultivated, these can create a greater capacity for the body to heal easily.  They also help people to thrive and to be resilient in whatever life may bring.  I call this "Resourced Embodied Awareness".

Practitioner workshops are also available which provide training for experienced therapists.

With more than 10 years using body-mind principles to help people be free from pain - I feel this material is far too important to be only available within therapy rooms.  These are some very fundamental and simple life skills which our society has forgotten about.

These workshops will  
  • teach you how the body and mind are linked together through important parts of the nervous system
  • explore how the senses, conscious awareness and the physical body interact with each other 
  • help you to navigate your own body-mind most effectively

Wishing you all the very best in your life

Andrew Cook