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I have been teaching various aspects of bodywork, movement, meditation and body awareness on-and-off for about 30 years. These are all techniques and adaptations that I have put together over my 25 years as a Craniosacral therapist, and are informed by a very broad range of sources and personal experience.
Over the years I have increasingly focussed on passing on skills to patients so that they have tools that can be used at home, as valuable life-skills. These are always available in one-to-one treatments. I believe that if somebody understands why they are doing something, it ceases to be a majic formua and can be integrated meaningfully into life. The subjects that I am particularly interested in teaching to a wider audience at this stage are :

For personal use

A "User's Manual for the Body-Mind" ... how to be more resilient in an increasingly challenging world. Positive Body Awareness is a method of setting up meaningful communication with the body, and a practical understanding of the rules by which that works.

For both personal and professional use

I am currently putting together a set of educational material around the subject of how we have evolved to engage the ground through the feet - and how it is possible to re-train that form of body-use. The advantages are :
  1. reduced musculoskeletal pain
  2. greater capacity for embodiment
  3. reduced risk of damage to the spine and intervertebral disks
  4. improved connection with the Earth
  5. a sense of physical and mental lightness (or certainly - less heaviness!)
  6. better quality Yoga, Pilates, sports, Qigong and martial arts
  7. understanding what is involved in order to successfully adapt to a barefoot walking/running style

For therapists/ professional use

  • Distance Work - Finding the Edge as a safe, trauma-informed and efficient way to reset personal boundaries, reduce dissociation, de-escalate hyperarousal, and make subsequent therapy sessions more effective.
  • Positive Body Awareness... An application of PolyVagal Theory within the context of a wellness model of the human being as a living ecosystem.
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