Here you will find a set of resources focussed on the general topic of Embodiment. These will eventually be available in a mixture of formats, including one-to-one sessions, workshops, classes, webinars, along with books, video and podcasts. There is also a set of resources freely available for use at home.

The material has been put together over a period of about 20 years based on my own personal use, and my clincial experience in treating other people.

The content is based on a principle of Wellness rather than pathology. It can therefore be used to build personal resilience and embodiment as a life skill, in addition to its use as a powerful basis for the treatment of dissociation, trauma, difficulty maintaining appropriate boundaries, central sensitisation and somatisations. Much of this is based on the PolyVagal theory of Stephen Porges

An important part of the whole package is the capacity to engage the Earth through the feet, and therefore to be able to be fully aware of ones own physical presence - another aspect of embodiment.

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