Workshops for the general public

Workshop content

I call the technique "Resourced Embodied Awareness" (REA), which describes very well what the workshops will teach you.

The core skills are very similar to Mindfulness and "Focussing", so if you have experienced either of these, you will find some of the material is familiar.

Plain mindfulness works well for some people.  For others it can increase distress - and some reservations about it becoming "fashionable" have been expressed recently by internationally recognised psychologists.  

Most importantly, I will be showing you how to develop a sense of "Resource".  This means giving both your conscious mind and your body information in the correct form so that both you and your body know you are safe.  The basic rules are based on our evolution as living organisms, and how the nervous system developed.  

This is a practical workshop, with enough basic theory so that you understand why and how it works.

Public workshops are designed for personal use only, and are not practitioner trainings.  

  Workshops for therapists

The practitioner courses are designed to teach some basic skill sets for experienced bodyworkers and psychotherapists / counsellors so that they have more tools to work with PTSD and trauma, as an addition to their main training.  

I  teach these from a Vitalist/health-based point of view - so that all trauma-based changes are viewed and treated as functional and resourceful adaptations (rather than as pathology).The skills also create a framework for empowering patients through a practical understanding of how their body and mind work best together.

Upcoming Professional workshops :

Finding the Edge 27-28 October 2017

Practical Polyvagal Theory 27th October 2017