Finding the Edge

A practical approach to dissociation for experienced therapists

This workshop consists of :

DAY 1 : practical appliations of PolyVagal theory (see separate web page for info)

DAY 2 : Working at the Edge

This second day is run as a small group (maximum 12 participants).  Basic principles covered in the first day will be practiced and integrated into a practical treatment protocol.

Dissociation is often a field phenomenon that makes the space around people highly reactive.  We will explore ways to deal with powerful or particularly large fields of dissociation easily, quickly, effectively - and most of all, safely.

This is a very useful tool in the bag for bodyworkers (particularly Craniosacral or similar), body psychotherapists and trauma therapists to regulate the ANS.

I find this works well in many cases of severe trauma, chronic pain/ central sensitisation, migraine and a surprising array of other physical conditions that are difficult to treat or make any progress with.  The approach also gives easy/easier access to the embryonic field and generational material.

This is a technique I have been applying and refining since 2007, and is a fusion of 

  • Craniosacral Therapy (using Mid to Long tide fields)
  • The SensoriMotor approach developed by Pat Ogden and Kikuni Minton (similar to Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing)
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Proxemics - the study of personal body space
  • Counter-transference skills
  • Focussing / Mindfulness

The general approach is to treat dissociation (hypoarousal) and associated hyperaroused states as functional adaptations (rather than as pathologies).  Edge work provides the right conditions for the body and the defence systems to reorganise themselves, as they are reoriented to resources in the here and now.  As such, this approach is non-invasive, and creates lasting ecological changes to the internal organisation of the body-mind.

Location : Norwich (Norfolk, UK)

Dates : Sat/Sun 3rd - 4th November 2018

Location : Norwich (Norfolk, UK)

Cost : £240 in advance (£220 earlybird)

Times : 0930-1730 Sat & Sun, 12hrs CPD

Full course fee payable to book your place on this workshop.

Booking is cancellable up to one calendar month before the workshop start date, for a full refund less £10 admin fee.  Venue details etc will be sent to you within 1 week of application being received.  If the workshop is cancelled for any reason, your full payment is will be returned.

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"I found the workshop to be a very sensitive and creative approach to contact. It's a way of working I've since been able to use directly in my own practice, often opening up otherwise unavailable material. I really appreciated the clear theoretical framework, the opportunity to try things out experientially, and the responsive and warm approach.  Thankyou."

Kate O'Halloran, Embodied-Relational Therapist

"Thank you for a fascinating exploration during the workshop... Quite apart from the insights I gained into myself and my own functioning, I am aware of subtle hints of a shift in my practice as a bodyworker. You confirmed, validated and developed some long-ago-shelved ideas in my work, and for that I am very grateful indeed."

Alan Wilson, Feldenkrais practitioner


"I am sincerely grateful to Andrew for sharing ground breaking insights and for his ability to communicate with such passion and clarity.  This workshop left me inspired and supported in the direction that I would like my work to progress."

Lawrence Horwill, Craniosacral Therapist