Originaly trained as an engineer, I became fascinated by underground water and springs, and eventually specialised in the study of wetland hydrology.  After discovering complementary therapies by accident in 1985, I became more and more interested in the idea of health, and the body as an extension of Nature.  I have practiced Craniosacral Therapy (CST) in Norwich (Norfolk, UK) since 1994.  

Over the years I realised that in many cases I treated there was some degree of intrinsic stress that was worsening (or even causing) the pain.  So in about 2006 I started to apply techniques developed by 

      • the US armed forces to treat PTSD and 
      • Universities in Holland to treat extreme childhood trauma

... not to high level trauma, but to everyday people walking in off the street with often no history of major traumatic events.  

When applying these "trauma" techniques alongside CST, I found that physical problems and pain often disappeared far more easily.

It is extraordinary that maybe 80% of the adult population have some degree of embodied stress that can cause physical ill-health.  Research by psychologists in Europe and the USA has found that up to 15% of the population in even peaceful countries can be carrying clinically diagnosable (i.e. high) levels of 'trauma' - even if there is no obvious event or incident that might have caused that.

As part of my work, I have had many conversations with people about - how they experience their bodies, how they experience the world, and how they use their senses..  What surprised me is that there is such a huge variation in how different people perceive themselves and what it is to be alive in a body - that at one stage I started to wonder how we communicate at all with each other.

It made me realise how poorly our society and culture set people up to use their mind and body effectively as an integrated whole, and how easily the "natural" arrangement can go wrong.  From that observation, it became apparent that there is a huge need for a 'User's Manual' for the body-mind.

I have not only practiced these techniques to help others, but also have applied them to myself.

Andrew Cook MSc RCST